Sambawan Island: A Picturesque Escapade

Everywhere I go, I always make sure to learn and discover uncommon things that places can offer me. We are all adventure seeker and new things come to be our examination to test whether if we can pass and aim for a goal in this world. We are all humans who are busy doing our assigned tasks; if you’re not studying then maybe you are working. All we want is a rest and vacation after a too hectic schedule. Then what list of options this country, the Philippines can offer us? By its nature’s wonders we can definitely earn a relaxing kind of escapade we always wanted in our entire life. You can do it now, well me I’ve done it already and constantly discovering places to give you an idea about.

Welcome to Sambawan Island!

My Sambawan Island escapade happened to my next travel destination right after Maripipi Island where I have stayed for an overnight rest to get ready for this adventure. I took a motorcycle service from Maripipi town proper to Brgy. Ol-Og where the Sambawan boat station is located. As I was waiting in this likely simple rest house, I had first an informative conversation with the island’s developer who started the Sambawan Dive Camp and Beach Resort, Mr. Nelson Macorol and with her sister Lilian who I expected to be a Chinese national the first time I saw her but opposed to my intuition she is a Filipina. They accommodated me well enough as they entertained my all my curiosity regarding the island and its qualities. They served me a simple breakfast that comes with a delicious coffee which I thought to be “barako” and Spanish bread. Nelson and Lilian were really glad to have me as one of their visitors most likely because of my enthusiasm to witness the beauty of Sambawan. Even though I have waited for a certain time in the boat terminal, it was still worth it. That feeling was exceptional as I assumed that these locals really enjoyed chatting with me.


Approaching the Island

The time has come when the boat service was about to leave. I went down to the shore and negotiated with the boatman. He allowed me to pay for a one way boat ride that cost PhP 250/head. While on board, I noticed that my co passengers are so called Sambawan steward and I expected to see more in the island. They brought food supplies from the boat station specifically potable and fresh water which is being sold to their visitors for bathing purposes right after enjoying beach adventures. It took as about 20 minutes of sea travel and we have experienced high waves while approaching the route so our driver redirected our path to the rear side of the island. Finally we have landed on the island safe and sound then moved toward the path going to the registration area. I paid for a registration fee of PhP 100 including the environmental and entrance fees. I have observed that most part of the island specifically the path we went through to the main beach is untouched. The hills that accommodate the huge part of the island are pretty alive with high grasses and big stones while the shores have proven how this island can be considered as a distinctive place to visit for.


Sambawan Island’s Registration Fees

I met the head caretaker or steward of the island in this little canteen which serves its visitors and had a conversation with her, she’s Ate Sally. She was serving the island with Nelson, the developer way back then. I asked her a bunch of questions some personal and mostly regarding the island. She informed me that the island started to develop in 2010 when Nelson was advised by the local government of Maripipi to take charge of the island’s development then he found out that this paradise really has a big potential in tourism industry. I told Ate Sally, Nelson and Lilian to put up some adventure activities in the island including zip line and water sports to encourage additional visitors. Well, they informed me that they have already proposed for that innovation and planning to open those projects in the near future. I have stayed with Ate Sally in the resort’s cafeteria and she allowed me to leave my belongings in their store since that I was a solo traveler so that I will think of renting a cottage.



After a busy chatting time with Ate Sally, I have prepared myself to dive into the water of Sambawan. Prior to that, I have decided to see the well-known spot of the island in which most travelers are looking forward to. The 130+ step way to the view deck situated on the hill of Sambawan has set to be the most photographed site of the island. I have taken some pictures and have proven to myself that the picturesque 360 view of Sambawan is really an eye catching. I took advantage of being solo that time where I had a relaxing time in the view deck made of Nipa leaves and bamboo. After staying on top of the hill, I went down to walk around the seashores. I have witnesses that Sambawan Dive Camp and Beach Resort developed by Nelson is really considered as a tourist destination based on the visitors who came all the way from various places in the country and around the world. There were different groups of divers from the nearby Malapascua Island and towns came to explore the underwater life of Sambawan. I remembered Nelson and Lilian once told me to consider snorkeling or SCUBA diving but I responded to them that I was contented enough with the experience I had inside a couple of hours I have stayed.

Sambawan Island’s View Deck

I dipped into the water for a moment and laid down my body on the island’s white sand beach. The beach is surrounded by tiny corals and white stones while some parts were comprised of wave rock formations. Since it was weekday that time and few visitors were present in the island, most of the cottages were not accommodated so I have stayed for a while in one of the beachfront huts. I was staring at the sea and absorbing the nature’s wonders. After a while, I went back to the cafeteria and had some lunch. Ate Sally served me a pancit canton with boiled egg. After having my lunch I have informed one of the boatmen in the shore to notify me if there will be a boat going back to Kawayan or Maripipi. Then afterwards a driver told me that there is a group of four growing ups who are planning to leave in the afternoon and I can go with them. While waiting for this group of people, I have passed my time inside the canteen then suddenly Lilian who was in Maripipi that morning came. She visited Ate Sally and noticed me sitting on a chair. We had some conversation with Ate Sally and their Architect. It was a good feeling that I have still made my waiting hours productive with them. Finally at 3 PM the boatman called me and I have said my goodbyes and appreciations to everyone and promised to them my plan to come back. Nelson has given me some sweet items to bring home.

Sambawan’s Front Beach Cottage

While on a boat going back to Kawayan, Biliran I talked to these four young people who I assumed to be my same age bracket. They told me that they came from Ormoc City and I told them that I came from Cavite. We had a good talk then all of a sudden I found out that they are planning to go to Kalanggaman Island the next day which is planned to be my next travel destination a day after. I have paid for PhP 300 to the boatman which is a negotiable fare since that these four people who I met has set a roundtrip boat service for PhP 3,000. It was less than an hour boat travel from Sambawan to Kawayan and from there I rode a habal-habal back to Naval. It took the driver about 40 minutes to drop me at Van Van’s Terminal in Naval then I paid him PhP 150 fare. It was already 4 PM and I decided to get in the van so that I can arrive in Palo, Leyte earlier. I paid PhP 120 fare from Naval to Palo and it was already 7 PM when we landed at Palo Cathedral. I have stayed in my sister’s house in Palo, Leyte and prepared for Kalanggaman Island, my next expedition.


Travel Itinerary

07:00 – Maripipi Town Proper to Brgy. Ol-Og via habal-habal (about PhP 50/head)

07:20 – Arrived at Sambawan Island Boat Station in Brgy. Ol-Og

08:00 – Boat Station in Maripipi Island to Sambawan Island

08:20 – Arrived at Sambawan Island, paid Registration/Environmental Fees at PhP 100 and left belongings at the island’s canteen

09:00 onwards – Took photos at the island’s famous site (view deck), swam at the beach, lunch at the canteen and walked at the seashore (PhP 100 for meal)

15:00 – Left the island, boat ride from Sambawan Island to Kawayan Port, Biliran (PhP 300 fare)

16:00 – Rode habal-habal from Kawayan Port to Van Van’s Terminal in Naval (PhP 150)

16:40 – Arrived at Van Van’s Terminal and took a ride to Palo (PhP 120)

—End of Sambawan One Day Travel—

Travel Guides

  • Sambawan Island is accessible via various routes but the most available are the Brgy. Ol-Og in Maripipi Island and Kawayan Port in Biliran Island.
  • Snorkeling, SCUBA diving, swimming and picture taking on its beautiful landscape views are the most common things to do in Samabawan Island.
  • The total fee of PhP 100 being collected upon arriving in the island proceeds to Environmental, Maintenance and Development Fees.
  • The island’s cafeteria do not serve alcoholic beverages rather the visitors are allowed to bring their own.
  • It is best to enjoy Sambawan with friends, family, colleagues or by yourself. Just don’t forget to be an adventurous traveler. 🙂
  • Explore the entire island by owning it for one day or so.
  • Finally, always be reminded of the saying; “Leave nothing but Footprints, take nothing but Pictures and kill nothing but Time.”

Who to Contact?

  • Mr. John Guaco (boatman who accommodated me from Maripipi to Sambawan) at (0935) 520 6342
  • Mr. Nelson Macorol (Sambawan Island Developer) on Instagram at Sambawan Dive Camp and Beach Resort or contact number at +63 918 910-2141

Bon Voyage! #TravelGuide101



Exploring Maripipi Island in a 12-Hour Tour

We travel for the reason that we want to experience the different phases of life. We feel it through places, its culture, food, and heritage and most especially through its people or the locals. A real traveler knows how to communicate with fresh faces, its dialects or language and be able to collaborate with them.

Maripipi Island is a one example of quite discovered places in the Philippines in which it is best known to be a gateway to some of the spectacular islands and islets in its nearby archipelago such as Sambawan. But the beauty behind its purpose can be actually felt by the adventurous individuals who have the eagerness to witness it. And I am one of them!

The island of Maripipi came to be my next destination as I planned to take an island hopping itinerary in Eastern Visayas. I had a chance to unfold its hidden treasures and felt exactly how the locals survive in this relatively remote island. Even though it was just a very short time to say that I have totally sensed the life that this island can provide, I could say that this 12-hour journey I had in this island meant a lot. I came to Maripipi Island on April 18, 2016 at almost 6 in the evening by an hour boat ride from Kawayan Port in Biliran Island. My brother-in-law actually helped me to have an accommodation in the island with the aid of Mr. Jun Guaco. He is a boatman in Maripipi who serves the tourists going to Sambawan. He allowed me to ride on his boat from Kawayan by paying PhP 100 since that there were three other passengers on board. It was already sunset time when we arrived to Maripipi then I rapidly left my belongings to Manong Jun’s house and asked her wife to hire me a habal-habal which I have used to explore little treasures of the island. I told the driver to send me to Candol Cove Beach which is a famous tourist spot of Maripipi. It took us about 15 minutes to get there from Maripipi town proper. This beach provided me a good view of the sunset as I arrived on its coast. It gives its visitors a simple accommodation through the available cottages that are meant to be enjoyed. The shoreline of Candol Cove showed me a real pristine white sand with some little rocks and clear water even though it’s just in a small package. Remember that there is no entrance fee to enjoy the beach. How grateful, isn’t? 13221697_10206404741294597_3799369731018591845_n


Right after visiting Candol Cove Beach we hurriedly went to Viga Cold Spring that was about 10 minutes ride. As I arrived in Brgy. Viga I have noticed that this cold spring has three connecting pools which locals used for their daily routines and the visitors as well. The first pool is for drinking purposes the reason why I have seen a bunch of children collecting water with their own containers. It is initially connected from the main source of cold water that comes from the mountain. The second pool is for bathing purposes where I have witnessed different people swimming in its excellently cold water. The last pool is used for washing purposes of clothes and utensils where I saw two men cleaning a big squid and ladies washing off their clothes. I did not swim rather I just deep my feet in the last pool and felt the icy cold water of this nature’s treasure. There are live fishes in the pool and said to be owned by the “diwata” in the mountain. These creatures are not allowed to be caught and be eaten anyway since that these are unordinary kind of fishes. More stories you can hear from the locals by asking them.





After a simple and short tour to these two pretty places, I went back to Manong Jun’s house. I paid PhP 150 for the roundtrip service to the driver which is a common rental price in the island. I had the chance to get to know more about Maripipi personally with the relatives of Manong Jun while watching the news. I was informed that there is a good network connection such as TV, mobile and radio in Maripipi but the power supply only serves from 12 noon to 12 midnight. Good thing I have my cousin’s power bank that I have recharged for a small time. I had my free dinner with the family who accommodated me and chatted with Manong Jun in the shore regarding his past and present life as a boatman. I almost served my half day tour in Maripipi by resting in this old house of a very good local. I have experienced how to sleep in an island with no electricity at all and only heard the natural sounds of wind, animals and some vehicles. That was an extraordinary feeling and I could say that I became a local of this island for a short time. I woke up at 6 AM then prepared to leave the house to catch up the boat going to Sambawan Island in Brgy. Ol-Og with the help of Manong Jun. After almost a 15 minute motorcycle ride we finally reached the boat terminal then my friend left me already. I relaxed in the waiting area and talked with new group of people who accommodated me well going to my next travel voyage, Sambawan Island.

Travel Itinerary

Day 1

16:30 – Left Kawayan Port via motor boat to Maripipi Island

17:30 – Arrived at Maripipi Port in Maripipi town proper, looked for accommodation

17:45 – Tour to Candol Cove Beach in Brgy. Agutay (15 mins. ride from Maripipi town) and Viga Cold Spring (10 mins. ride from Candol Beach)

18:50 – Went back to a local’s house who accommodated at no cost

19:00 onwards – Made a lot of conversations with the family, had some dinner then took a rest

Day 2

06:00 – Woke up then prepared for the next tour to Sambawan Island

What to see in Maripipi Island?

  • Viga Cold Spring
  • Candol Cove Beach
  • Mt. Maripipi

*no entrance or registration fee to experience these places

Where to stay?

1. Capt. Tarcelo’s Homestay

Ermita, Maripipi


2. G. Gaingcoy’s Homestay

Binongtoan, Maripipi


3. Napo Beach Resort

Viga, Maripipi (near Viga Cold Spring)


4. M. Gonzaga Homestay

Ermita, Maripipi

*all accommodations only have power supply from 12 noon to 12 midnight throughout the island

Travel Reminders:

Maripipi Island is accessible via motor boat ride from Naval Port in Biliran (trip schedule last at 11 AM for PhP 50/head) and Kawayan Port in Biliran (motor boats are available the whole day while fewer passengers take this route and the fare is negotiated at around PhP 700/boat)

Habal-habal hire fare in Maripipi Island costs around PhP 100 to PhP 200 depending on the itinerary (the price is negotiable)

Von Voyage!


‘Heneral Luna’: How he became the great man of the Philippines?


The existence of Filipino people in the present times has literally changed from the way it was in the previous era. Many people and I do believe that the heritage is the origin of how the modernization appears. In fact, it is being correlated with how the family grows. The importance of our past is really a huge factor in the progress of our environment and how the way of living changes. The Philippines is a nation that is certainly rich in history, we have these heroes who encountered the then nightmare of the preceding experiences. They were considered as the foundations of strength, morals and motivation that we Filipinos in the present era should value. The historical perspective of the Philippine government in various aspects is being emphasized through knowledge based studies in educational setting. One of the greatest Filipinos I can consider from the previous time is the person who had the extreme dignity and passion to our country. He was a general, doctor, leader, son and a lover. Currently, his life has been talked about from the released film tribute to his greatness. I appreciated his presence in the past civilization of our country that he fought and continue to be determined enough for the sake of our liberation.

General Luna contributed the humble beginnings of what we appreciate today. He was one of the noted heroes of all time who transformed the Filipino values from being an egocentric to a self-sacrificing outlook. Most of the people today realized that he might be reflected as the person who sustained the essence of patriotism. Maybe for some reasons we can never judge a person with one of his efforts instead it is a must that we first need to know his comprehensive accomplishments. We can recognize a man as a great individual with how he portrayed himself for the benefit of others aside from his personal goals. That is definitely the point why General Luna can be considered as a great man of all time not only in the historical aspect of this nation but through all the features of Filipinos lives. I have seen him as a leader who has the courage with his plans and a man who is consistent with his desire. That is unconditionally the true faith that I respect most.

From the humble beginnings of our lives, we have encountered various issues with our personal existence as well as the governance in our nation. It is my ideal viewpoint that a direct leadership must be obtained in small groups and much especially in higher office. This is the main point of how we meet our responsibilities and see to it that we should take advantage of sustaining the real needs of our contemporaries. I am being inspired with how the spirit of greatness Antonio Luna exercised. By this time, it is my treasured guide to move further and be a proactive individual through leadership by taking actions that are mostly necessary. After a well-defined film review of his life, I am now about to anticipate a holistic future of this nation, Philippines. Mabuhay!
 October 22, 2015, TUP-Cavite


Biliran is one of the famous islands among the 7, 107 in the Philippine archipelago. It is considered as one of the pristine places that has clear and sweet waters commonly found in beaches and falls.

I have scheduled my travel in Biliran Island for a single day since that I have set a tight timetable for me to explore its nearby islands; Maripipi and Sambawan. My travel was literally unplanned, searched little things about the island and just pursued to experience a solo travel adventure. I took a land travel via bus and ferry boat so that I could experience various means of transportation when travelling to places in the Philippines. On April 16, 2016, I booked a chanced passenger’s ticket in Eagle Star Transit at Pasay Bus Terminal bound to Naval, Biliran which costs PhP 1,305 (discounted as student fare) including the ferry boat. Most of my co-passengers brought a lot of luggage consists of their food, stuffs and commercial products from Manila. Expect the kind of situation where the whole aisle and back seats are accommodated by the passenger’s belongings. Most of them were actually Eastern Visayas locals; Warays and Bisayas. Good thing about it, if you are an adventure type of traveler, I know for sure that you will enjoy speaking with them and walking on top of their baggage in every bus stop.





We left Manila at 11 AM then started a long drive to our destination. Our bus route included Southern Metro Manila, Laguna, a long journey to Quezon Province, Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur where I was able to buy Pili Tarts that costs PhP 100 for six bundles, Albay that allowed me to overlooked the one side of the perfect shaped Mayon Volcano even though it was already midnight, Sorsogon where we dropped off at Matnog Port to take a ferry boat, then we arrived at Allen Port in Northern Samar, Western Samar that continued our journey, San Juanico Bridge to Leyte and finally Naval, Biliran. We have reached Naval Bus Terminal at 6:00 PM on April 17, 2016, 31 hours of travel instead of around 25 hours. What a long journey?! Still up!

I was glad I had arrived safe and sound in Naval and I suddenly looked for the cheapest accommodation I could have nearby since that the island was dark already. Just a walking distance from the Naval Port where the bus terminal is located I have found El Roman Pensionne House. I recommend this for backpackers and adventurers because of their low cost accommodation of PhP 250 per night for a single fan room good for 2 persons. It is also near the town’s market, seaport and church most especially it provides 24 hour free Wi-Fi connection. I have relaxed first, then arranged my things and washed-off before I went out to find something for dinner. I walked in the nearby establishments and found two food centers, bakeshops and food stalls because I was near their Mercado. I have tried the Sophia’s Bread and Pastries something like a famous café in Manila but I think it’s an original commercial brand. They offer various kinds of breads, pastries and also some pasta and drinks. Since I was too hungry that time I have bought breads from the nearby bakery and tried the spaghetti and chocolate shake of Sophia’s. It was good enough for a common taste. I headed back to the hotel to plan for tomorrow’s itinerary. I have fully relaxed, had good sleep and woke up at 6:00 AM, took a shower and packed my things to check out. I asked the pension’s staff regarding the Provincial Capitol. I moved out of the hotel having my downloaded Biliran maps so that I would not be lost for a meantime. By asking some locals on my way to Naval Cathedral, I have gathered important information on how I will negotiate with drivers. Habal-habal is a common type of transport system in Biliran Island while jeepney rides are as well available located in Naval Port Area.

I went to the Provincial Capitol of Biliran where I had the chance to talk with the Tourism Officer. I have asked more about the travel destinations in Biliran and apparently I got to ask about the Biliran Zoo. He has provided me a Tourism Map of the province and guided me on how to get to the Biliran Zoo which is privately-owned by the Provincial Governor. I went to the Biliran Mini Zoo via tricycle where I have negotiated with the driver to pay for only PhP30 from the Provincial Capitol to Caraycaray. Biliran Mini Zoo or also known as Liger Zoo allows tourists and locals to experience different kind of feeling in one of the zoos available in the country without any fees to be paid. This holds wild animals like the Liger that is a hybrid between a male lion and a female tiger. It is the only existing liger in the country and said to be less than 100 exist worldwide. Wild animals like tiger, lion, monkey, bearcats, alligator, turtle, bird and different species of snakes are also captured in the said zoo. I had some conversations with the caretaker and I have found out that the lion, liger and tiger only eat once a day and the best time to see them as lively creatures is at early morning and late afternoon.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After the Biliran Mini Zoo, I went back to Naval Port for my next trip to Maripipi Island. Unfortunately, I was not able to get the last trip at 11 AM and planned to take a jeepney ride going to Kawayan Port. I visited first the Municipal Tourism Office of Kawayan where I was able to talk with the tourism officer then she explained to me some of the tourist attractions in the town. I went out to visit the Masagongsong Spring Pool located in Brgy. Masagongsong that is about 5 mins. ride from Kawayan town via habal-habal costs PhP 10. The spring pool is for public use but they collect some amount of less than PhP 50 as the maintenance fee. This is perfect for the whole family, friends and outings since they offer cottages that can be rented. In the opposite area that is in the seaside is a private-owned spring pool as well. After taking pictures, I suddenly went back to Kawayan town to visit the Kawayan Church. The church looks like a wider chapel and apparently shows an old kind of religious site in the countryside. It is elevated while filled by plants, flowers and trees with an adoration chapel and seminary beside it. After the starving visits, I decided to drop by in a food house to recharge. Luckily, I have found out this cafeteria named Vista Point. They serve pizza, pasta and Filipino food while I have tried the tuna sandwich. Most of the meals they provide are best shared by group because of its big servings. Their prices are considerable and worth to try. I have talked to the owner and she explained to me her simple life in Biliran Island.


Landscape of Kawayan Church



My Biliran Island short travel ended on April 18, 2016 at 4 PM where I have stayed less than an hour in Kawayan Port to take a boat ride going to Maripipi Island, my next travel destination.


My Original Travel Itinerary

Day 1
08:00 – Booked for bus ticket going to Naval, Biliran costs PhP 1,305 including ferry boat in Eagle Star Transit Corporation
11:00 – Left Pasay Bus Terminal
11:00 onwards – Land travel to Laguna, Quezon Province and Bicol Region (more than 5 bus stops)

Day 2
03:00 – Arrived at Matnog Port in Sorsogon, pay PhP 30 for terminal fee
03:30 – Boarding time to ferry boat
04:00 – Left at Matnog Port, sea travel to Allen, Northern Samar
05:00 – Arrived at Allen Port, Northern Samar board to designated buses
05:30 onwards – Left Allen Port, Northern Samar, land travel to Northern and Western Samar including Calbayog and Catbalogan (4 bus stops in different cities and towns)
13:00 – Landed to Tacloban City (Abucay Terminal)
13:30 – Headed off to Naval, Biliran
16:00 – Arrived at Biliran Island and continue land trip to different towns
18:00 – Arrived at Naval Port and Bus Terminal
18:10 onwards – Checked-in at El Roman Pensionne, had dinner, prepared for tomorrow’s itinerary and went sleep

Day 3
07:00 – Prepared for a day tour in Biliran Island
08:00 – Checked-out at El Roman Pensionne
08:30 – Took a tour in Naval’s Mercado and Port
09:00 – Visited Naval Cathedral, walking distance from El Roman Pensionne House
09:30 –Headed off to Biliran Provincial Capitol via tricycle costs PhP 10
09:45 – Met the Tourism Officer and inquire for Biliran Zoo
10:00 – Headed off to Biliran Zoo via tricycle costs PhP 30 (negotiated price)
10:10 – Arrived at Biliran Zoo (Governor’s House), look for the caretaker (no registration fee)
10:15 – Observed the wild animals in their own cages including the liger, tiger, lion, turtles, bear cats, various baby and adult snakes, monkey and a bird (photo opts)
10:55 – Left Biliran Zoo, take tricycle to Naval Port and Terminal costs PhP 10
11:05 – Arrived at Naval Port and book boat ticket to Maripipi Island (unfortunately, last trip departed already)
11:10 – Looked for jeepney going to Kawayan Port
11:20 – Left Naval Port (jeepney was fully accommodated already, travel fare PhP 30)
12:00 – Arrived at Kawayan Port and checked for available boat (“pakyaw’ is a negotiation between you and the boat driver if you wanted to leave ASAP by paying around PhP 700 to Maripipi and PhP 1, 500 straight to Sambawan Island)
12:10 – Walked to Kawayan Tourism Office to inquire about tourists spots in the town (for the mean time while waiting for other boat passengers)
12:20 – Chatted with the Tourism Officer
12:40 – Visited Kawayan Church then photo-opts (walking distance from the Town Hall)
03:00 – Dined at Vista Point Food Hub serving pizza, pasta and Filipino food near Kawayan Church (meal prices range from PhP 50 to PhP 300)
14:00 – Rode a habal-habal to Masagonsong Spring Pool for PhP 10
14:05 – Arrived at Masagongsong Spring Pool (entrance fee costs PhP 20)
14:50 – Went back to Vista Point and chatted with the owner about the locals’ life in Biliran Island (remember to secure a collaborative moment with the locals)
15:50 – Left for Kawayan Port to check for the boat (three passengers were already waiting)
16:00 – Left Biliran Island, headed off to Maripipi Island (boat driver allowed me to pay PhP 100 only)


Fast Facts about Biliran:

(Info from Biliran Tourism Map)

  • 1, 115 kilometers SW of Manila
  • composed of 8 municipalities
  • 132 barangays: 20 urban, 113 rural
  • total land area is 555.42 square kilometers
  • Dialect: 40% Waray-Waray and 57% Cebuano
  • 9 peaks rise more than 1,000 meters, highest is Mt. Suiro-1,300 meters
  • 29 rivers, 7 major ones including Anas, Bagongbong and Caraycaray

How to get to Biliran Island?

  • Major airlines offer flights to Tacloban Airport, from there, aircon vans and ordinary buses serve Tacloban to Naval route in 2.5 hours travel.
  • From Cebu Port, ships from the Roble Shipping Lines alternately serve the Cebu to Naval route 5 days a week.
  • Major bus lines offer direct routes from their main terminals in Metro Manila to Naval in a 20 hour bus ride including the ferry boat.

Where to stay?


  • Alexia Lodging House

Talustusan, Naval
Contact Number: 09494896804

  • Biliran Garden Resort

Calumpang, Naval
Contact Number: 053 500 9232

  • Chamorita Beach Resort

Catmon, Naval
Contact Number: 09186083499

  • Rosie Marie Pension House

P.I. Garcia, Naval
Contact Number: 053 500 9997


  • Brana’s Lodging House

Poblacion, Kawayan

  • Esteller Sunset View Resort

Masagongsong, Kawayan
Contact Number: 09163600467

  • MalouxLutongBahay Homestay

Masagongsong, Kawayan
Contact Number: 09068942016

  • Villa Antonina

Masagonsong, Kawayan
Contact Number: 09165828862

Tourist attractions:

  1. Masagongsong Spring Pool located in Brgy. Masagongsong, Kawayan
  2. Agta Beach Area located in Talahid, Almeria
  3. Bagonbong Falls located in Caucab, Almeria
  4. Iyusan Rice Terraces located in Iyusan, Almeria
  5. Ulan-Ulan Waterfalls located in Sampao, Almeria
  6. Recoletos Waterfalls located 10 mins. walk from Ulan-Ulan Falls
  7. Acaban Bat Cave located Acaban, Culaba
  8. Dapanas Cascades located in Calipayan, Culaba
  9. Tinago Eco-Tourism Park located in Cabibihan, Caibiran
  10. Mainit Hot Springs located in Villa Vicenta, Caibiran
  11. San Bernardo Spring Pool located in Manlabang, Caibiran
  12. Casiawan Waterfalls located in Casiawan, Cabucgayan
  13. Kasabangan Eco-Tourism Park located in Balaquid, Cabucgayan
  14. Padre Gaspar Pilgrimage Site located in Hugpa, Biliran
  15. Nasunugan Watchtower Ruins located 3 mins. ride from Biliran Bridge
  16. Biliran Mini-Zoo located in Caraycaray, Naval
  17. Caraycaray River Cruise located in Caraycaray, Naval